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I called Belkin approximately 6 months ago and had to have them walk me through the reset of my router.Now the router is not working again, I got on their website and "chatted" thru the process again.

The technician was fairly helpful from what I could tell. She said I should be up and running again. I got on my computer to try it. Much to my dismay, the router still wasn't working.

I called Belkin and told them it still wasn't connecting to the internet and my internet connection was working fine. They took me thru a series of steps to tell me that my router is working and they could not help me any more. I told them obviously it isn't working because my internet connection was fine the router just wasn't doing its job. She said if I needed any more help I would have to pay for it.

I have had this router for 11 months and should not have this problem this many times. I went to Walmart and bought a different brand at a comparable price, went home hooked it up and it worked perfectly.

I won't ever buy another Belkin product.Not even a phone case.

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Columbia, Kentucky, United States #766914

These things are trial and error.Your solution was to buy a different brand.

That's the proper course of action. Belkin is no better or worse than other brands.

It is all in the production of these things---made very cheaply in Asia somewhere and sold for a premium in the USA.Sometimes they are of good quality and at other times just plain junk.

Fort Walton Beach, Florida, United States #766900

I had problems with Belkin as well. Gotta Linksys & popin along.

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